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May 9, 2020 5:03 PM

Novel Coronavirus Update # 5

May 9, 2020 - Novel Coronavirus Update # 5

COVID-19 Update:

Today is the 24 th day in a row that there was a decrease in COVID-19 related hospitalizations in Nassau. The most current updates information from Nassau County is:

There are 913 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Nassau, 116 discharges
There are 248 COVID-19 patients on ventilators and 297 COVID-19 patients in ICU.
The total number of confirmed cases in Nassau County is 37,812 (including those who have recovered); an increase of 219 since yesterday.
Total of 2,050 people tested yesterday. The total tested countywide has been 111,917
Unfortunately, there have been 2,362 individuals that have passed away in Nassau County; of those 1,918 were Nassau County residents.

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo reported the following statewide data:

Total of 31,627 people tested yesterday. The total tested statewide has been 1,121,543
There are 330,407 confirmed cases in New York State, an increase of 2,938 newly diagnosed.
8,196 people are currently hospitalized, net change -469
604 people were newly admitted down from 607
2,811 are in ICU - change in ICU admissions is -165
2,295 have been intubated - change in intubations is -130
Yesterday 831 individuals were discharged. A total of 56,378 have been discharged.
Tragically, as of today 21,045 people have died. This does not include in home deaths.
NYS continues to remain #1 in the nation with most positive cases and highest number of deaths.

May 1: 299 deaths
May 2: 280 deaths
May 3: 226 deaths
May 4: 230 deaths
May 5: 232 deaths
May 6: 231 deaths
May 7: 216 deaths

Governor Cuomo said that Long Islanders and other downstate residents should not expect any part of the region’s economy to reopen soon. The Governor said that there are discussions about allowing a return of some manufacturing and construction upstate, where there are far fewer COVID-19 cases to begin on May 15th. Nassau has only met 2 of the 7 benchmarks the state put forward to reopen.

Notification of a recent Public Health Concern under investigation regarding children: The past several days there has been numerous news reports, an announcement from the County Executive and the Governor regarding a disturbing new development of a serious illness affecting children, known as “Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome”. While there is still much about COVID-19 we still don't understand; the illness is potentially linked with COVID-19, and it has features that are similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome. Though rare, there have been 73 reported cases in New York, and tragically, a 5-year-old passed away this past Thursday of the illness. The State Department of Health is investigating and has sent an advisory out to hospitals and medical professionals.

Residents should seek immediate care if a child has:
Prolonged fever (more than five days)
Difficulty feeding (infants) or is too sick to drink fluids
Severe abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting
Change in skin color - becoming pale, patchy and/or blue
Trouble breathing or is breathing very quickly
Racing heart or chest pain
Decreased amount of frequency in urine
Lethargy, irritability or confusion

Though the syndrome is rare, I nevertheless urge parents to be vigilant.

The Governor announced that the moratorium on evictions will be extended to Aug. 20 and late fees for missed payments will be banned. He said that renters facing financial hardship due to the pandemic can use their security deposit as payment, and then repay the security deposit over time.

Thirty members of personnel and 15 ambulances, which were provided by FEMA to help the county meet the surge in cases, moved on to their next assignment this weekend. These operators and ambulances came from across the nation and upstate New York to aide in our COVID-19 pandemic.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms

Best Regards,

Mayor, Robert T. Kennedy

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